Monday, June 21, 2010

TV Interview, "Celebration of Living" Performance and...

This last weekend was pretty ol' amazing! I was interviewed by Conn Jackson on, "Get Connected with Conn Jackson!" This is a relatively new show that airs on the Word network. Check out for more info. I'll also be posting the air date on my website. We'll see how it turns out once they are done with editing it. Me on TV??? [scratches head!]

I spoke and performed Saturday at Emory's "Celebration of Living" in Atlanta, GA. This was really a great experience. I have never been really crazy about public speaking (I'm a public singer not speaker!), but I got a lot out of giving this speech and was glad to have had the opportunity. I also got to perform 4 songs. 3 off of my record, "Between the Lines" and 1 that will be on my new record.

Also, Vitamin Shoppe was kind of enough to sponsor me for the tour! So a big thanks to them!

Thanks for listening!

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