Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Songs, Publishing Deal and "Remission!"

Well it's been a while since I've written!...but lots of good stuff is going on and has happened.

I released a new song, "Give it Up" in September, have played some more "Hear the Heart" dates, signed a publishing deal for my song, "Country Club Superstar" and this Friday, October 22nd, my new song, "Remission (The Survior's Anthem)" will be released!

"Remission (The Survior's Anthem)" was recorded with the help of HopeLab, makers of the video game, ReMission. A video game for young people with cancer. To me it is one of my best songs yet and means a lot to me personally. Ironically, the date it is coming out on is not only my birthday, but the 12th anniversary of me coming home from my stem cell transplant.

"Remission (The Survior's Anthem)" is a song about the journey of a cancer patient. From being diagnosed with cancer and how you feel, the people you meet along the way and going into "Remission!" This song is the "Survivor's Anthem!" as I like to call it! Look/listen for it THIS Friday October 22nd!

Thanks for listening!